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Sell Us Your Junk Boat

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Sell Us Your Junk Boat

SMB Auto Wreckers is your convenient solution

SMB Auto Wreckers is your convenient solution for junk car removal. But that’s not all we can help you with – we also buy and remove junk boats, RVs, motorcycles and more!

Junk Boats and Personal Watercraft
Has it been ages since that old boat in your garage was actually on the water? Why not sell it to us? Selling your boat to SMB Auto Wreckers can put some money in your pocket fast. And you won’t have to worry any more about boat detailing cleanings, engine repairs or dock fees!

Junk Recreational Vehicles
Do you have an RV that has long outlived its purpose? Is the cost of repairing and maintaining in becoming too much to manage every month and it’s just taking up space in your garage or driveway? It’s probably time to accept that your former home on wheels is now an eyesore.

Sell Us Your Junk Boat 1

If you find yourself in that situation, you are definitely not alone

In fact, there are many benefits to selling your junk recreational vehicle to SMB Auto Wreckers for cash. And it’s easier than you might think. All it takes is call to our facility in Aurora to get the ball rolling. Why not say goodbye to that unsightly motorhome and clear up some valuable space on your property?

Or, if your junk is still in your garage, just think of all the usable room that you’ll gain after we take it away for you. If it’s in your driveway, you’ll finally be able to park your other vehicles there.

Junk Motorcycles
Do you have an old two-wheeler that hasn’t been operational in many years? One of your smartest options is to call up SMB Auto Wreckers! We will evaluate that junk motorcycle and make a fair offer on it.

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