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Auto Wrecker Service

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Do you have an old car, SUV, truck or motorcycle that you don’t need, doesn’t run or simply requires too much in repairs? Call SMB Auto Wreckers today at 630-526-7500!

When you’re dealing with the hassle and potential expense of a non-working vehicle, you may understandably feel frustrated over what to do with it. Should you go ahead and get the vehicle repaired or instead get some cold hard cash for it?

The best answer depends upon your situation. If there are major mechanical problems, fixing the vehicle could cost thousands of dollars. At some point, trying to repair a junk car simply becomes no longer worthwhile. In that case, it’s usually your best move to consider selling a vehicle that won’t start or is not safe to drive.

At SMB Auto Wreckers, we are always ready and able to help you sell that non-working, junk vehicle with a convenient process that makes it easy for you. With our many years of experience in the industry of buying junk vehicles, we offer expertise in determining fair market value for vehicles in any condition.

We Also Crush Semi tractor-trailers, skid steers, all heavy equipment, small aircrafts and much more!

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SMB Auto Wreckers Are Open 24/7 - Call Us Today for Professional Auto Wrecker Services!

SMB is the Chicagoland (Not Including Chicago) region’s leading choice when it comes to obtaining fair market value for your junk vehicles! Our experienced team specializes in buying damaged and wrecked vehicles, including cars, vans, SUVs, RVs, motorcycles, pickup trucks, commercial trucks and more. Whether your vehicle was involved in a traffic collision or has other types of damage, SMB is here to buy it from you.

When you need a reliable auto wrecker to buy or safely remove a junk vehicle from your Chicagoland (Not Including Chicago) property, give us a call at 630-526-7500!

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