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Sell Us Your Junk Car – SMB Auto Wreckers – 1175 Mitchell Road Aurora IL – Call 630-526-7500
Sell Us Your Junk Car - SMB Auto Wreckers

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If you’ve got an old vehicle taking up space on your residential or commercial property, give SMB Auto Wreckers a call now and we’ll come and remove it for you. We specialize in the safe and efficient removal of junk vehicles for customers throughout the Chicagoland (Not Including Chicago) region. And along with removal services, we also buy junk vehicles, too!
Sell Us Your Junk Car - SMB Auto Wreckers

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Why call us for junk vehicle removal? Just some of the benefits to choosing our services are:

We Pay for Junk Cars
The most obvious benefit is that we’ll put some cash in your hands! Even though that old car may not have been operational since the Bears last won the Super Bowl, its metal and parts since have some value. Metal is recyclable and parts still in good condition may be sold individually.

Opens up space
Removing a junk vehicle will help to free up valuable space in your driveway, yard or garage.
This can be especially beneficial if you have limited parking or need more room on your property.

Help the Environment
The proper disposal of a junk car reduces hazards to the environment. After all, cars contain substances like coolant, battery acid and oil, which if not handled safely can be harmful to the environment. When you call SMB to remove a junk car, it ensures safe disposal or repurposing.

It’s Safer
Unused old vehicles can pose a safety hazard, particularly when the parts begin to rust and become loose. Removing them lowers the risk of tripping over them and getting hurt.

Your Property Will Look Better
A non-functional, old junk car can be quite an eyesore. When our team removes it for you, it’s an immediate improvement for the look of your property!

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